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About Us

Good health is a fundamental right of every Indian. Health is a national goal and priority for all. There is a great need for health workers to provide simple preventive and curative health services including family welfare under the community welfare scheme.

Most of India's population lives in rural, urban backward areas. Especially in remote rural areas where there is no medical facility and guidance in case of emergency.

But now medical courses have become so expensive that 99% of doctors are focusing less on disease, more on money, so finding MBBS in rural area (poverty area) is equivalent to finding moon on amavasya night.

State Paramedical Council conducts autonomous paramedical programs (Diploma/ Certificate). State Paramedical Council aims to provide quality education in the basic/specialized/advance areas of the paramedical. The course is designed to develop paramedical by nurturing knowledge. State Paramedical Council is a non-University intuition. All programs of the State Paramedical Council are autonomous and do not fall under the preview of UGC/AICTE/MCI or any other Medical Board. State Paramedical Council was established in 2019 under the Indian T /Act 1882 and whose registration number 3380 is recognized by the Government of India. This body was functioning under its constitution. By laws to ensure and promote quality in the paramedical courses. The faculty conducts the examinations, issues diploma certificates and registrations to deserving candidates. The faculty Affiliation the institute and issue norms, standards and guidelines itself to regulate the field of Para Medical Education. The Govt. accord prime importance to public health. The Health of the People's depends primarily on adequate nutrition, health education, proper arrangements for the prevention of disease and proper facilities for care and cure of Sick.